Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Going back to the gym...

Post-partum has had a list of challenges for me and most recently has been the gym.  I have never had the perfect body and even when I was 25 pounds lighter I was never quite happy with myself.  However, looking in the mirror post-baby has me wanting that imperfect self I had before.  That self that fit into ALL of the amazing clothes in my closet and that didn't jiggle in places I knew could actually jiggle.  

I was at the gym earlier this week running.  Running next to a tall, thin beautiful woman, and all I could think of is wishing I had a t-shirt that screamed "I just had a baby!"  I watched my belly, my boobs, and my double chin all moving as I pounded the belt on the treadmill just wishing I wasn't so insecure. The truth is, I just wanted to run and hide.  Some women are simply blessed with having their bodies bounce back quick, mine?  Not even close.  

Right now I'm 8 weeks postpartum and have a long way (25 pounds) to get back to that old self.  I find myself reading article after article about what to wear, how to lose weight, how to feel good and I simply am starting to realize what I need more than anything is patience.  

Because of the jiggle, I have the most amazing little boy.  One whose rosy cheeks and baby blues just make my heart melt when I look at him.  One who sleeps with arms stretched out like he's superman or catching some rays in his sleep.  I must remind myself that these things take time and I will get there.  One jiggle at a time :)

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