Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Feeling the love...

So this week I am away for work at our corporate office in Bloomington, Illinois. It's my first overnight trip away from George and I was quite sad to leave him. However, I have been so blessed that between my daycare lady, my boyfriend and his mom each has sent me pictures that make me feel so loved while I am away...

But today what is truly making me feel awesome at this very moment are the comments I receive on my blog posts. I am not a blogger by any stretch of the imagination...I always wanted to be part of the "What I Wore Wednesday" linkup from the Pleated Poppy - but let's face it, me getting dressed up, taking pictures of myself, and then posting them is a lot of work... and then to try and be fashionable on top of it is simply out of the question while I'm "in transition" with this postpartum baby body I rock.

I came across the linkup for "Finish This..." And found myself enjoying the outlet of writing. So I thank you NICOLE (Three 31), LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums), and BECKY (The Java Mama) for hosting this each week and for allowing me to be part of something so spectacular. I sincerely appreciate you all.

I thank you all for following along each week as I write my "Finish This" answers and for your comments that are so loving and supportive!


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