Monday, May 19, 2014

Subscription Boxes


Ahh dear friends... I, Kristen, am an addict to Subscription Boxes.  And I'm afraid what this addiction might turn into.  I feel like a little kid again, wondering when my next box might come in the mail!  I have only tried 2, yes 2, but I am fearful of a link I just stumbled upon.  All of the subscription boxes reviewed. Yes, anything you've ever wondered about with a subscription box? She reviews it there.  This was a serious danger zone for me because after reading that link I am now subscribing to another box and am contemplating a fourth. What is wrong with me?!

So far I have tried:

Stitch Fix:  My first fix came in April... now I signed up for this in June of 2013 and was waitlisted but never really paid much attention to ordering when I came off the waitlist because I was preggo... so in February I thought it might be fun to try..  Well my first lesson learned - there's ANOTHER waitlist.  Yes, so you wait to get into the program (which I'm not sure if that's the case anymore) and then another wailist to get your first "Fix."  So that's my caviot to the program - you have to be patient for your fix... Let me tell you about my first fix.

My stylist hit my size dead on.. and this is my post-partum baby-body size.. The fit was beyond excellent!  Unfortunately, the styles and colors weren't quite up my alley.  The boyfriend jeans fit incredible - Ladies, incredible.  I say this because Jeans are IMPOSSIBLE to find/fit and the fact that my stylist mailed me a pair of jeans and I'm post-partum and they fit, is a HUGE deal.  Now, I didn't keep them because they were $148.  Ouch!  And SUPER sad face.   The tops were a little trendy and a few of them had V-Necks .. Unfortunately not my pace..

One of the things that they recommend is that you put together a Pinterest Page with Stitch Fix as one of the categories, so I have ramped mine WAY up!! 

I just think getting clothes mailed to me that I can try on in the comfort of home without any sales pressure and without having to lug my little lug out to the store is awesome!!  So if you are at all interested (and I'm not getting paid to promote them, but if you sign up through my link I do get a bonus) please check it out. It is quite exciting to get a "fix".  SUPER IMPORTANT - I'd recommend signing up right away for an ongoing monthly fix.. because if you don't you'll have to wait like 2 more months after your first one like I did... lesson learned!!   Stitch Fix Link    Next month I will post pics when I get the next box!!

Birch Box: I was so so so excited to try Birch Box after seeing all of the ads for it on Facebook (seriously - I fell for the Facebook Ads) but again, LOVE getting fun stuff in the mail :)  Birch box has some ridiculousy great products out there - unfortunately they never seemed to land in my monthly Birch Box.  I got some funky green nail polish and I think I have about 20 samples of face lotion.  Between my Clinique Bonus (I insist on getting) and my Birch Box stuff I could outfit a small village with lotion samples (anyone have a suggestion where I can donate this stuff to?!).  Simply put Birch Box didn't meet my expectations of awesomeness. But you never know, you might need a dump truck full of face lotion OR you could get the wicked cool stuff they often advertise!!

Now... I have signed up to try Ipsy.  This apparently is the place to go for fun makeup/skincare/hair products and you get full-sized products... I just hope I don't get more lotion samples!! I will post my review once I receive my first Ipsy Box...   If you sign up through this link - then go to Facebook you can also work through not being waitlisted.. But apparently you have to sign up first, then Facebook second.  (Lesson learned after A LOT of clicking!!).   My Ipsy referral link

My next potential sign up is to (stop being selfish) and try some baby products. I am considering Bluum.  Anyone tried this?  It is geared specifically towards the gender and age of your child, or you can gift someone a box and it will be the same for them.. Right now they have a special with the coupon code HALFOFF (I don't get anything for promoting this --  but you have to go through the following link to use the coupon code  so if you have any interest (and aren't already an addict to so many subscrption boxes) and sign up please keep me posted!!

Update: I did it. I confess I did. I signed up for Bluum too!  So if you have any interest, here's my link where I can earn points if you sign up through my link :)   And I found out the coupon half off really isn't a big deal. When you type that in, it brings you up to options for an ongoing subscription that somehow work out to be a better deal (?)    Bluum Box 


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