Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday -- Week #1

Throwback Thursday

To encourage myself to continue to write and blog I am starting to participate in Throwback Thursday. I see people doing this on Facebook all the time and I never take the time. So today it begins!!  Since it's a little late in the day I'm doing a short-term throw back.
My sweet baby George is going to be 4 months tomorrow!!  I simply cannot believe it :)  So to celebrate my Throwback Thursday I'm sharing a pic of him after he was first born and one we took this week before he left for the morning.  George always loves to smile in the mornings (He's definitely a product of Adam and I - both morning people!)
My sweet boy was 5lb 5oz when he was born...and now he's well over 14lbs.

I can't begin to say how many people stopped me and told me it was going to go fast.. Well Georgie, you are already 4 months old... Pretty soon I will be walking you to kindergarten, teaching you how to drive, hugging you on graduation day, sending you off to college, and then we will both be on TV for the NFL draft... because we both know with those shoulders a career in the NFL is in your future!

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