Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Week #2

Throwback Thursday
Week #2

To encourage myself to continue to write and blog I am starting to participate in Throwback Thursday. I see people doing this on Facebook all the time and I never take the time.   I am on my second week and I can say it was really fun trying to find this weeks TBT! I don't have many old pictures because they were thrown away when we moved... (I wasn't around to claim them, so they went in the garbage)... I am linking up with The Mom Creative for Throwback Thursday Stories.

This photo is of my brother Steve and I circa 1984 (my best guess).   I would have been around 5 and he would have been 3.  Steve and I are not close siblings which is why I think I like this picture so much. We both look happy. Truth is, we are polar opposites and really don't get along very well. I think we get along because we are siblings.  He's quite possibly the most patient person I have ever met and me? I have ZERO patience and you'll hear me often say "Give me strength..." 

Without giving my family history, Steve and I simply took different paths in life. He didn't love school and I could never get enough of it.  He took a while finding a job he liked and I have had the same one since I was 19.  We have different views on nearly everything, money, politics, how to raise children, and how much we are willing to tolerate from a family member who is dishonest and always is a victim (aka -our mother).  I was done with her addictions years ago and he has been her go to for everything.. Unfortunately when it comes to that addiction, they feed each other.  It breaks my heart and I pray that eventually the cycle will be broken.  He is a great father to his girls but needs to let go of the chemicals he depends on to get through each day. which brings me back to why I love this picture so much. We were so innocent and not introduced to the pain and ugliness that addiction can cause a family.  We were young, happy, and in love with life back then :)


  1. Yes, crazy how similar our posts were. Keep trying to make it work. Life is short and siblings were our first friends :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. I love this picture of you and your brother. I have a similar one with my younger brother and based on your date guess, we are all about the same age. My story with my brother is similar to yours...he's just never quite gotten it together and is now 32 still living basically on blow up furniture. No job, no girlfriend. We only see each other every couple of years at our parents house. He has no real addictions that I know of, but is seriously undermotivated and I wonder if he isn't trapped in depression. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Such a sweet photo! I hope he is able to break away from his addictions for his girls' sake :)