Monday, July 28, 2014

Birthday Weekend in Review

This past weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday. Holy Crap!  This morning I had the realization that I am closer to 40 than 30. Seriously, can the birthdays simply stop?!  Time is going by so fast. I remember someone once telling me the older you get the faster it goes, and boy does that seem to be true!

Birthday week was wonderful!  Michele drove all the way from Eden Prairie to have lunch with me in Hammond... Yes.. that's a long drive.. okay, so really she was already in Hudson, but I just wanted to sound that much more important... and then I met Erin for dinner on Weds night. I don't get out in the city much so it was great to get out on such a gorgeous night!  We shopped a local boutique in St Paul and then walked to a great little patio place (Happy Gnome - where Adam and I had our first date!)  

Friday was George's 6 month Dr Appointment.  (See above - where does the time go?!).  My little pumpkin is half a year old. My goodness!!  

Likes:  Exersaucer at Grandma's, cuddles with mama and papa, obsessed with putting things in his mouth, needs a blankie to go to sleep.

Food:  Still chugging away on his soy formula.  We've tried sweet potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, peas, mashed potatoes and bananas... he seems to like the sweet potatoes best.. but hard to say because he much prefers his bottle.

Sleep:  On average goes to bed at 8:30 and up around 6am... so close to 10 hours.  YAY!!!

Mobility:  Can roll back and forth, but still gets stuck on his belly.  He gets up on his hind legs to roll, so I think crawling might come easy.  Ha.  I just cursed myself.  He can sometimes sit up on his own, other times he tips over :)  He can stand if we hold on to him but is quite wobbly yet.  

Stats:  Height: 25 3/4 inches = 25% percentile   Weight:  17lb 3 oz = 50% percentile  Head = 95% 

Saturday I was able to get up, go to the gym for a workout and then came home and took George for a walk.. Adam worked on our deck most of the day... We took George to Grandma and Grandpa's house and then Adam and I were off to meet up with friends/family.  
We met Greg, Jayme, Sam and Ani at St Croix Vineyards in Stillwater.  We had some quite delightful wines there.  The place is awesome!!  The are also an apple orchard and have a great variety of food, drink, and other stuff going on in the fall.  For the Vineyard, it was in a quaint old barn and they have several different varieties of wine... Summer Red was my favorite!  We also went to another vineyard, Northern Vineyards in Downtown Stillwater.. This one was less than my favorite place.  They do 10 different wines which after a while I think we tuned out and just drank rather than pay attention.. 

Then we stopped and had a beer/sangria at a local Pub and finished the night with dinner at Marx.  The food is simply fabulous!!  Adam is a big seafood eater and I am not, so this place is a perfect compliment for both of us.  I had pecan chicken and he had the Ahi Tuna and we were both quite pleased with our meals :)  

Sunday was definitely a day of rest finished with an AWESOME turkey dinner (because I love thanksgiving dinner) to celebrate, me :)  

I had such a wonderful 35th birthday.. If only I could freeze time and stay this age forever... I guess another 362 days will do.  

Have a great week!

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