Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stitch Fix #3 - My Fix Reviewed

(My first 2 fixes unfortunately were not photographed...)

Hi there! Today was the day... the day I wait for every.single.month. My Stitch Fix came today! Oh how I love this day. I'm pretty sure I checked my front door step every half hour starting at 7am just hoping it was here. And finally around 2:30 it arrived. I nearly hugged the Fed Ex lady, I think she knew I was pretty excited!! 

For those of you who do not know what Stitch Fix is.... StitchFix is a fashion company that pairs you with a stylist whose job it is to make sure you get stuff that fits YOU. It’s supposed to get better and better the longer you use it (because the more data you provide the more their system and stylists understand your tastes). However, with this being my 3rd one, I'm not completely sure I agree, just yet... 

You sign up, fill out their Style Profile, and then pay $20 as a styling fee.  If you purchase something, the $20 is applied against your purchase.  If you do not, then well, argh, you spent $20 to try on clothes you didn't like.  That's why I call it a "styling fee."  If you buy nothing, you pay for the service to have picked clothes for you.  

Okay... and the above links are my "Referral" links - I get a credit from you signing up (and receiving your first fix).  The same can go for you as well... I am not paid for this post.

On to the Fix!

My dear friends... I first ask for you understanding/non-judging selves in the next photo... First of all the photo quality is poor... This is me, taking pics of myself, sans makeup, at home.. I was just SO excited about my fix, I couldn't wait to try on the clothes!

Dress #1 - Papermoon Charlotta Geo Print Sleeveless Collared Shirt Dress

Be gentle kind friends.. I know, this dress was a train wreck!  First of all, that elastic in my mid-section that decided to hit at my biggest point.  Good night moon,  goodnight. It makes me look LARGE.  It is unflattering in my mid-section, the print makes my hips look wide, and yes, those are my legs you can see peeping out through the sheer dress.  Clearly this is a miss.  RETURNED.  

Dress #2:  Hourglass Lilly Adan Geo Printed Shift Dress 
Okay, so here we go... Pictures clearly do not do this dress justice... It is simply awesome. It fits well, and is flattering on my lady (mama) curves.  It may require some tights though, as you can see it's a little short.  I love the color of this dress, love the sleeves, and like having something a little bit different in my closet!  This will be a great dress to wear on the cool summer nights as we start the transition to fall late next month.  This one is a KEEPER!

Blouse:  Mystree Meridian Swiss Dot Lace Detail Blouse

Okay ... I am not hip and trendy.  I am a self-described square... so this shirt just didn't do it for me. I loved the lace, loved the detail around the neck, but couldn't get past the wide fit and mullet like cut... (short in the front and long in the back)... It just didn't work for me.  RETURNED.

Cardigan:  Pomelo Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan

Confession:  I cheated.  When I got my shipping notice, I immediately went to Stitch Fix to see what they were sending me. And then I googled all of the items to see what they looked like... This item was LOVED by so many... 

The color was a nice off white and as you can see the fit is about right... however, I am picky.  Let me spell that P-I-C-K-Y!  I don't like these kind of cardigans, the kind that are (in my mind) connected and hug my bum... and hang funny on the side and don't hit my hips square... Is this making sense?  It had a pointy side.. Pointy - not square.. seeing a trend, I like even, square, consistent, plain clothes.  Don't put points on the side of my cardigan.  RETURNED.


AV Max Bloomington Pave Ball Earrings
....When I opened the box, in my mind these were already going back.. So not my style! I like big and chunky bright colored earrings.. silver balls were not my thing... I thought.

 ... Ohhh.. this picture is terrible. Sorry.   BUT the earrings look so stinkin cute!!  They were so simple and added just a little highlight to my face/ear.  I wish they would have turned out cuter in my picture.. so glad you can see all my little whispy hairs... FOCUS on the earrings.  Cute.  KEEP!

So there you have it.. my first reviewed Stitch Fix... and if you so are inclined to try it for yourself, help a girl out and use my referral link :)  Thanks!    

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