Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Family Fun!

This past weekend we were SUPER busy!  But isn't everyone?  It's summer and we spent some time with family and friends.  

We had Adam's family reunion on Saturday and I always love getting together with his family.  There were so many laughs shared and it was great getting to see family we don't see often.  A family kickball game broke out mid-way through the party.. Although I did not play (because I ran a 4 mi race earlier that morning and thought my legs were going to fall off) my sweet baby George even played! 

Here are some fun photos from the weekend!

George is spending time with his favorite grandma!  He absolutely adores her :)  Plus it's so nice having her around because I always get so much help.  Cousin Luke look like he's pondering something very deep.. or plotting something.  Never know!

Here's George with Grandpa Paul just before his big kickball debut!   It looks like he's scoping out the field to figure out the best strategy.  He ended up bunting and unfortunately was thrown out at first.  Good effort buddy!

Here's the big cheering section!  Judy, Cindy, Lauren and Sue all look so sad that they didn't get to play kickball... Lots of laughs during that game, including a major collision at first that left one man down, (and one run collected before first checking on the man down), several slide attempts, and a lot of fun for the little kids.   

Hey Adam! The 80s called and want their boom box back!  If I ever need a tape player, I know where to go.  This collectors item was proudly on display at our loving hosts home.  Adam couldn't resist a photo op with it!  (I think he and I had more laughs over this than anything all day!)

Look who is old enough to drive the tractor!   Thanks to Uncle Ron for letting Landon be in charge of driving the tractor.  He was a quick learner at navigating the turns and quite possibly was the highlight of Landon's day.  He couldn't seem to get enough of it!  

Whose belly is bigger?  Hard to tell!  So excited for Lauren and David (and big brother Zion!) We will be looking forward to the big news and sweet baby photos. Cannot wait for this little baby girl to bless the family.  Coming in August!  

Cousin Becky giving Georgie lots of love and hugs!  Such a beautiful day for our family reunion.  Couldn't ask for better weather and no bugs!  George had lots of admirers and family giving him hugs and love throughout the day.  It definitely made my day a lot easier (and I got a chance to eat without having to negotiate with little hands reaching for my food!) 

All in all the family reunion was a big success.  Next year we will have a new addition with Lauren and David's sweet baby girl and my little boy will be up and running around with the big kids. Crazy what happens in a year!!

On Sunday we went over to our family friend Art and Lynette Lund's House. They were so gracious in opening their home (and pool) to us for the HOT afternoon.  George wasn't so keen on swimming today so he hung out with mom and grandpa instead.  

Grandpa can multi-task!  (Now I know where Adam gets it...)  It was such a beautiful afternoon but Georgie was hungry and thankfully grandpa was willing to help out (in the shade) while mom, dad, uncle Alex, grandma, and Lynette all enjoyed the pool.  Good thing Art was there to keep Grandpa company since G was too busy eating.  
And last... a sweet picture of George and I.  He wasn't so sure of swimming in the big pool today (it might have been a bit chilly for him!)  but he sure loved giving me cuddles!  I cannot complain. I absolutely love these family days together where we get to enjoy each other's company and the company of our wonderful hosts. 

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