Thursday, August 14, 2014

Editorial: Stranger Danger or Good Samaritan?

Growing up in a small town I've always been a bit naive to the fact that bad things can happen in small places.

Today on my lunch break, I ran to the post office.  For those who do not know, I live in a fairly rural area, surrounded by corn fields.  On my drive I saw a little boy (about age 9 or 10) who had fallen on his bike. I could see in the distance he was in the road, so I began to slow down.  As I approached I could see he was bleeding and walking his bike.  I slowed down, asked if he was okay and if there was anyone I could call. He said he was okay and his brother was on his way.

As I drove off I started to think, was I just being stranger danger? Or was I being a good samaritan/concerned mama?  Would I think the same thing if it happened to my child?  The boy handled it perfectly. He kept walking, gave me polite and concise answers as I slowly drove next to him. But it made me think, at what point is it no longer okay to stop and check on the well-being of someone especially if it is a child?

Are we in such a sad state as a country/society that it's no longer okay to make sure that people are safe and okay?  Or are we going too far and interfering and causing alarm and concern by trying to help?

If anyone sees my license plate on the news tonight I drive a black Saturn and yes, it was me asking that little boy if he was okay.  It's in my nature to help and unless it's unsafe for me, I will likely continue to make sure others are okay.


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