Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finish This - Week #31

This game is called "Finish This," and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Jen {The Arizona Russums} and Becky {The Java Mama}

OOOOOOH!  My favorite time of year - Back to School!  (insert Billy Madison song here).  I love seeing the back to school stuff at Target (just wish they would put it out in August, not July).  I still buy a fresh box of markers every single year.  I love having new markers and school supplies. What is wrong with me?!  Some day I will realize I'm a grown up and don't need school supplies. 

If I went back to school, I would study.... I just finished grad school in 2010 and am currently working on an insurance designation, so I can honestly say I have ZERO desire to go back to school.

My favorite subject in school... to teach: Math (not common core) and to learn:  History.  I love coming up with fun lessons for kids to learn math.  

I wish I had paid more attention... to Science When I was doing my student teaching/learning that was one of my most favorite classes to learn how to teach.. 

The dumbest thing I did in high school was... dress poorly.  I wore sweatpants and seriously had ZERO fashion sense even though my mom worked in retail.  I wish I would have tried a little harder with my appearance.  (I was a pretty straight arrow in school so this is about the dumbest thing I could come up with!)

In high school, I thought I knew... where I was going in the world.  I thought I was going to move to Arizona (I did) and eventually teach school (I have my license, but do not teach).  Obviously I'm back in Wisconsin now...

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Prompt for WEEK 32 (August 13) is:
13 Things To Know About Me


  1. Don't worry, you 'll be able to get excited about school supplies soon. Pretty soon your son will be going to Pre k or K and you'll get to do it all over again ;-) With 2 school aged girls.. I hate it.. so expensive.

  2. ohhhh I should take math lessons from you. LOL Math is my WORST subject. I just don't comprehend it at all. (besides basic math that is!) :)

    1. Oh girl we are talking elementary math here!!

  3. I love school supplies too!! I have a drawer FULL of highlighters. And sticky notes. It's a problem.

  4. Ohhh Post-Its! How I love thee. Totally relate :)

  5. Isn't it crazy how much life changes?!

  6. I love learning history too :)
    I have a teaching license, but didn't get a chance to do more than sub.
    I'm with you on dressing better in HS--that's one thing that I regret, but I didn't know any better at the time :)

  7. haha I love your first paragraph - I have no kids, nothing to buy for back to school, yet i crave to buy it all. Especially though for me a big shiny box of crayons.

    I picked history too, loved it and still do!

  8. I love History too! that was my major in college! people think its so boring, but its our "history" its good to know our past.. i always found it so easy and actually fun!