Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Running Encouragement

I run.  But I don't quite consider myself a runner. Yet. I don't have the fancy running gear. I love my reebok shoes (never thought that's what shoe I'd fall in love with).  I can't afford Brooks, dry-fit gear, and fancy water contraptions for my "long runs."  But I run. 

I once tweeted "I dream about the day I run more than when cars are driving by."  And I am finally getting there.  The girl who didn't run for 9 months when she was pregnant is finally getting faster, stronger and feeling good about running.  After I had George I could barely walk 15 minutes at 2.5mph on the treadmill -- and that was 7 weeks post-partum.   So when I signed up for my first 5k of the season in May and I could barely walk in March, I knew I had a long road ahead of me.  I did it though. I ran. 

When my friend Vicki asked me to do the Run for the Gold in July, I said to her, "yeah that would be perfect, that way I can beat my 5k time from May... " And she said, "Its a 4 mile race."  Here we go. The girl who can barely walk a few months prior is now pushing herself to a 4 mile race.   But I did it.  I finished in less than the 48:00 I gave myself  (46:05 was my time).  It was an amazing course and Rosemount is a gorgeous city.  I look forward to this one next year!

Vicki Swenson-Quirk, Dongi Huss and I after the Run for the Gold 4Mile
If you read my post "Going back to the Gym" you will see all of my insecurities I had just a few months ago.  I was still carrying 25 lbs out of the 31 pounds I gained (do the math, George was only 5lbs 5 oz) I didn't walk out of the hospital that much lighter.  I was insecure about running and insecure about myself.  I have simply pushed myself in these last 4 months to where I feel confident and secure about running.  But then I agreed to something WAY outside my comfort zone.

I started going to Bootcamp at Willow River on Monday nights.  And although I've managed to only attend 1 actual "bootcamp" session, I go every week. There's a group of us who hike before the workout and I've met some wonderful people in the group.  One of them being my new friend Jen.  She is inspiring, supportive and encouraging and when she asked me to join her for the Biggest Loser 1/2 marathon, I thought she'd lost her mind.  Me?  I'm not a runner.  I don't do half marathons. I have to TRAIN for 5Ks, are you kidding me?  But she believed in me. She encouraged me to sign up (quite pursuasively I might add..) And so I did.

My official training began 3 weeks ago.. and when I read the training guide it said, "If you cannot run 3 miles this training is not for you." I laughed and said, I might not be able to run 3 miles all the way through, but I'm still going to follow it and I'm still going to try.   I can honestly say, I'm almost there. I feel good about going running. I'm not embarassed by my jiggle and am confident and feel good about myself.  It takes time, dedication and patience but let me be the first one to say, you can do it.

Next up: Pepperfest 5K.   Hills. Hills. Hills.  Looking forward to running this one with some amazing mamas who have been training for it!!

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