Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend in Review

And it's Monday again!  The weekend flew by as it usually does! I didn't take many pics this weekend but George turned 7 months on Saturday and I was able to capture one (a little late!).  My goodness he's growing so fast!

We spent both Friday and Saturday night with friends. It was so nice to get together with different people. Saturday was completely impromptu and it was perfect!  We grilled out and were able to all catch up. Two of the families have newer babes so it was so fun to see them as well.

Likes:  Sleeping with a blankie (yes, I'm aware this isn't approved but he cannot sleep without a small one).  Playing with toys that are loud and have lots of lights.  If I'm on the laptop he's quite interested as well. 

Dislikes:  Not being able to be mobile. He wants to be on the go and hasn't quite figured it out yet.

Mobility: George is sitting up pretty well on his own. He occasionally tips over, but I'm told it's because of his big head :)  George can roll both ways. Hasn't learned how to crawl but gets on his back and scoots using his feet.  This is causing rug burn on the back of his head. Ha.

Food: Eating solids but still hasn't quite taken to them yet.  He likes carrots and sweet potatoes the best.

Sleep:  Usually sleeps through the night. Goes to bed at 8:30 and is up around 6:00am.

We spent some time over at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Sunday night while Adam was at his fantasy football draft.  We played outside and Moo the kitty came to see us.  George cannot get enough of animals. He loves petting and playing with them!  (He's clearly nothing like me!).  I just can't get over how big he's getting!!  

Hope you have a wonderful and easy week!

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