Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Confessions of a Busy Mama...

It's Wednesday... I haven't done my "weekend in review" post... I haven't finished my "Finish This!" Weds Blog post in almost 3 weeks now... my laundry is piling up.. I'm crazy busy at work.. I am studying for an insurance ed test and it's almost time to go pick my sweet boy up from daycare!

I am one busy Mama!

But who isn't?!  Seriously.  We are all busy running kids to and from places. Cooking. Baking. Cleaning. Laundering. *Laundering?!*  you know what I mean!  Ahhh.... And on top of that I'm training for a half marathon.  How does one have enough hours in the day?  I know I don't!!

Well here is my short and sweet version of my weekend in review.

Friday - DATE NIGHT :)  Adam and I had the chance to go and have a wonderful meal at a local restaurant called the Orchard. It has been hit and miss in the past but is under new management and the food was phenomenal.  I cannot say enough positive things about how incredible our food was!! We stopped at Striker's (the bowling alley in Baldwin) had a beer and ran into Adam's cousin Becky and her husband Luke.. which led to another beer at their place.  It was such a wonderful night!!

Saturday - Adam was roofing so George and I went down to the Chili Cookoff in Baldwin on Main Street. What a great little event put on by the Chamber. It was entirely free and there were a lot of local businesses with some pretty amazing chili!  George and I also baked cookies on Saturday and for anyone who knows me, knows this was a HUGE feat. And let me just say it LOUD.

I made the best cookies EVER!!

These are the FAMOUS Robbi's M&M Cookies.  My neighbor Jen brought them to me after I had George and they were Ahhhh-Mazing!!  But as I said before I cannot bake cookies!!  And I have tried and tried... I have used cold butter.. used more flour... more brown sugar... eggs at room temperature. I have chilled the batter.. I have reduced oven heat.. I have taken them out sooner than the recommended time and I simply never got it right. I typically ended up with crunchy flat cookies. They were terrible. Until now. I, Kristen Laura Van Ness, vow to NEVER bake cookies with butter again.  I used Crisco flavored butter sticks and an extra 1/2 cup of flour and that was the trick!  They are PERFECT!!!!  Yummy :)

And on Tuesday of this week my Sweet Baby George turned 8 months!!  He started Swim Lessons at the Baldwin Area Medical Center last night so we had ZERO time to get photos on the exact day.. So I was able to set him up this morning and take photos with these sweet blocks I won!  Thank you to Stormy from LifesADanceBlog for picking me in the drawing!! (She's a good Wisconsin girl too! Love reading what she's up to.. and she always has great giveaways as well!)   Also, you can head over to PrettyinPolkaDotSky's Etsy shop and you can get your own blocks!  They customize them for you if you wanted to do a name block.. or you can pickup the date blocks as well!  What I love about these is they are UV printed on the blocks so they don't chip or fade.  Which is great when you have a sweet little boy who thinks they are toys and not props :)

 Sweet Baby George - 8 Months on 9/23/2014

Loves:  Bananas, Sweet potatoes, Apples, Carrots, Pears,  and Pumpkin in his baby food!  He's like a little birdie when he's ready to eat :)  Very sweet!  He still needs his blankie when going to bed.  Likes reading books and hearing music.  Being outside. Anytime he's fussy if we go outside he calms right down and is happy again.

Doesn't Love:  Naps.  My little George is "Fomo" - which I've learned is the new slang for "Fear of Missing Out."  This little boy will fight sleep until the bitter end if he thinks something awesome is happening that he cannot miss.  And we all pay for it dearly!!

We've also finally cut our first tooth as of this morning!!  So very exciting since we thought he's been teething since Mo 3.

I think I said this was going to be short but as you can see once again I'm long winded.  I started this earlier and have slowly been adding to it.  ha!

I need to get back to my studies... Have a wonderful few days ahead until the weekend!!

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