Monday, September 8, 2014

Stitch Fix #5 - My Fix Reviewed

It's that time again!  The time where I literally watch out my kitchen window hoping to catch a glimpse of the Fed Ex truck heading my way... and after 3:30 on Friday when I finally saw it, I squealed like a kid at Christmas.  My Stitch Fix was almost here!

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a monthly or as you request clothing service that's delivered to your door. You sign up, fill out their Style Profile, and then pay $20 as a styling fee. They send you clothes that match up with your profile. If you purchase something, the $20 is applied against your purchase. If you do not purchase anything, then the $20 is forfeited as a "styling fee."

Bilson Embroidered Pleat Detail Blouse
(Daniel Rainn)

This blouse was very unique.  The front was a lace type detail and the back was sheer and very lightweight.  However, the stitching on the front made the blouse feel unusually heavy.  Additionally it was too big on me.  It's hard to tell, but if you look just above my hands you can see that there was a lot of extra material with this blouse. I love the neckline and pleat detail  on it but this was just not for me.

Verdict: Returned.

Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pant
(Kut from the Kloth)

One of the great features of Stitch Fix is you can make requests.  So I actually asked for a pair of Ponte Knit Pants and these came in my fix.  While I was hoping for black when I tried these on I fell in LOVE.  They were soooo comfy!  I was a little bugged by the fact that they were a bit long, but nothing that a little hemming can't fix, right?  Well, then I went shopping on Saturday and found an even better pair from GAP for half the price and in black that weren't too long. So how do I justify keeping these?  

Verdict: Returned
Pardon the dog sniffing me in the pic!
Aspen Boat Neck Striped Cotton Tee
(41 Hawthorn)

Once upon a time I LOVED wearing boatneck tops.  I felt like they helped with my broad shoulders.  Well... this shirt was a disaster.  The gold buttons on top of the shoulders brought attention to how broad I am.. then the horizontal stripes and the unflattering material simply did nothing for me.  The top was overall a little too big as well.  I couldn't find anything that I actually liked about this time.  Well, I actually like 3/4 length sleeves, so there is one positive, right?  

Verdict: Goodbye horizontal stripes - Returned.

Fey Textured Knit Crew Neck Sweater
(Sweet Rain)

Oh how I love the color of this sweatshirt!  It was so complimentary of my skin tone... but the rest of the shirt was less than wonderful.  First of all, it is WAY too short on me.  I think that's kind of a current trend -- shorter tops, but I haven't embraced it yet.  Additionally this sweatshirt was polyester and was just icky.  It felt like an 80's bedspread that you might find in a hotel. It felt gross and I couldn't wait to get it off my body!!

Verdict:  Returned

Kelly Zig-Zag Dot Scarf
(Spun Scarves by Subtle Luxury)

Let's first talk about my sweet accessory in this photo.  Isn't he just adorable?  Love this little boy!! For anyone who knows me, knows that I am crazy about wearing scarves. I will wear them regardless if it's summer or winter.   This scarf is no exception.  The colors are a little different, browns, greens, blues and yellows.  Not really my typical color palette ... If you see above I've returned everything and am down to one piece.  I wonder if it's worth buying this one so I don't "Lose" my $20 styling fee?  Or return it and not paying the additional $18 to keep it?  
Verdict: Undecided

So Stitch Fix #5 was a slight bust... I really like the excitement I feel each month when this box arrives but have had some disappointments the last few fixes.  I think I might make some adjustments in my profile and see if I can get a little better results.  

For those of you who aren't familiar; Stitch Fix carries sizes XS-XL and 0-14. It's not age or body specific, they do try to meet your tastes and likes! If you're interested, here is my referral link. I receive a $25 credit for you signing up and once you are a member, you can have other friends sign up under your personal link. (The credit isn't applied until the first box ships!)

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