Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend in Review - on Tues!

Ahh, what a glorious 3 day weekend for this girl!  We went up to the cabin and had a wonderful time with Adam's parents and brother.  I might have even had a little too much fun on Saturday night :)  Hasn't happened in a while and we really had a great night out!  Sharing a few photos of our weekend up North.

Little boy and Grandpa took a snooze on Friday night while Mama and Grandma went out and hit the casino.. we had a WONDERFUL time, unfortunately luck was not on our side.  George also LOVED Alex's dog Max.  He kept trying to pet Max whenever he was around.  He also would just sit and stare at Max and Barley when they were outside.  Alex thought it would be funny for George to ride Max.. I don't think Max was nearly as excited :)
Adam and Alex helped Paul work on a bridge all weekend at the Cabin, so Paul and Judy took us out to an amazing dinner in Hayward.  Here's a picture of the guys just before dinner.  Pretty obvious where my little George gets his handsome (and VERY Norwegian) good looks from! 

We came home on Sunday and went over to visit friends Sunday night.  Jonelle and Chad have a sweet baby girl Katelynn that was born 3 weeks before George. We always have so much fun when we spend time with them!  George usually gets to see Katelynn every Thursday as Jonelle and I hike together every week.  However we've both been so busy lately it's been a while since the little ones have seen each other.  Crazy how big they are both getting.  Quite challenging to get them to both look at the camera at the same time. Ha!

Well that's it for another weekend. So happy to have a short week ahead of me..

And... it's my favorite week - Stitch Fix comes this Friday!! Stay tuned for another Stitch Fix Review!