Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend in Review - Tuesday Edition

Ahh.. it's late in the day on Tuesday. Forgive me! It's been a hectic week my friends. Hectic!  We also had a VERY busy weekend, so I only have a few photos to share.

On Friday Judy and I took George to a Flea Market in Beldenville, WI while Adam and Paul tore off our roof getting it ready for new shingles on Saturday.   We were so lucky to have Adam's friends come over and give him a hand on Saturday to replace the remaining slopes of shingles on our home. We had some minor wind damange back in April and due to availability, the insurance company agreed to replace the entire roof. YAY for us!  

While Adam was roofing, a few girls (Claire, Shonda, Emily, Jen and her daughter Tory) all attended the River Community Church's family 5k/10K fun run.  Shonda and Emily ran the 5K and the rest of us completed the 10K.  It was my first 10K and I was pretty pleased with the outcome.  I had a goal of 1:10 to finish and was able to complete it in 1:05ish.  Although now after running that I'm losing motivation for my 1/2 Marathon Training. I hope my drive comes back!! 

On Sunday while Adam was finishing up the roof, George and I went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Grandma has been working knitting this bomber hat for George.  She needs to get a few buttons for it, but since it was cold out we used a safety pin to hold it up :)  Grandpa took G out for a ride on the lawnmower while Grandma and I stayed in and did some cooking/baking. 

Crazy hair after we took off his hat.
I am a very late bloomer when it comes to Pinterest. So when Judy sent me this from Pinterest I was all over making these!  Sunday was a perfect morning for G and I to escape the house and do a little baking.  They are rice krispie bars with good coloring, tooties rolls for the step and a little fruit roll up for the leaf.  Very cute and SUPER easy!!

Hope your week is quiet and easy :)  It's already late Tuesday.  Almost hump day.  Love to all.

-- KV

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