Monday, October 13, 2014

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

It's been a while since I've written a family update.. We have had a busy past few weeks!  I was out of town for a week at our Corporate Office in Illinois.. which left my sweet baby home with Adam! Thankfully he had a little help from grandma and grandpa while I was away!!  I was able to catch up with some friends while I was in town. One of the nice things about visiting Corp is that someone you've worked with in the past is usually living in IL and working at Corp. It seems that most people who work for the company live there at some point!  

When I got home I went and visited my dad.  We seem to spend a lot of time over at Adam's parents, so it's important that I'm intentional about getting over to my dad's so that he can see George as well!  George really enjoys going over to see my dad... Although I think he likes dad's puppy more :)  George will be playing on the floor and the dog will just come and lay on his lap.  It's very sweet.  G doesn't quite know his strength (or that pulling hair is hurtful!)  so he gets a little rough with the dog. It's always nice getting to go and visit Grandpa Dave :)

One of my FAVORITE fall activities is going up to the Cabin and venturing out to Cranberry fest in Stone Lake.  Adam's parent's cabin is about 6 miles north of Stone Lake.  I am amazed every year at the number of people who attend.  I don't think there are more than 100 people who live in this town but come Cranberry Fest the streets are closed down with thousands upon thousands of people attending the event.  There are craft and food vendors that line the streets.  The bars have live music, food and beer is sold right on the street.    It's amazing though how different the event is when you're a parent and sober!  We still had a great time, but was a much different Cranberry Fest for us this year!!

We have been working on the house... Adam is putting up drywall and getting our garage ready for the winter.  We will officially have heat in our garage this winter. YAY!!   For those of you who live in the South, having a 40 degree garage is HEAVEN when it's 22 below and your car is still frozen from all the snow!

This upcoming weekend will be my 1/2 Marathon... I will be posting my thoughts and some tips from beginning runners that I've learned during my training.  I know that when I started my training for this race I was very clueless and have really grown throughout this experience!!

Have a great week :)

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