Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend in Review - Deer Widow Weekend

It's that time again!  Gun season opener.  While the boys headed off to Deer Camp, Grandma Judy, George and I spent our weekend out and about.  Next year George will be heading up to Deer Camp (at least in my mind he's going) so we will have a girls only weekend :)

Judy and I took a half day on Friday and went up to Turtle Lake to check out a little antique place where I found the cutest little milk jugs and Christmas Plate Circa 1979...and of course while we were up that way we made a stop in the casino... Unfortunately we made a donation this time around.. maybe next time we will be winners!  Then we headed up to the cities, picked up George on the way. Visited my former teammate Kelly at the Cat Office.. she was so kind to George, gave him this sweet little puppy that plays music and has interactive learning sounds as well.  It was so wonderful seeing her!!

Next we went over to Mall of America... did a little shopping and then had dinner at Tucci Bennuch. So delicious!!  George was such a good little boy too!!  Grandma shared her Tomato Basil soup and little boy just gobbled it right up!  He's such a good eater!

Saturday we headed down to Austin, MN for A Handmade Christmas - Indie Craft Market.  One of Greg's high school friends Anna was involved in putting the whole thing together. She did such an amazing job!!  Bless her heart, this girl was also days from having her sweet baby and she was all over it.  We were so impressed with the craft show.  It was quaint but the offerings there were just awesome.  Plus we agreed that the caramel rolls made by the lovely ladies at St Edwards Church were worth the drive alone!  

George and I in his Bjorn - he LOVES being in here! 
Grandma with George
We truly enjoyed our time down in Austin and were able to pickup some GREAT goodies as well!!  I love both the candles I purchased and am still waiting to try my Strawberry Jam :)   We went back to the cities, stopped at Ikea and picked up some picture frames and other little odds and ends before coming home.  We were so busy and little boy was sooooooo tired from all of our fun activities!!

Sunday, Adam returned home and we spend the ENTIRE morning cleaning our basement.  See on Thursday night before Adam left, our septic backed up into our basement.    This meant renting an electric snake to remove the clog and then frantically trying to dry out the carpets, etc.  So on Sunday we cleaned carpets and entirely cleaned our basement.  Also put plastic on our (awfully drafty windows) to try and keep our home warm for the impending winter.   Also, George turned 10 months old!!  I know people tell you it goes fast, but it is so true!!!

This little turkey is moving and moving and moving all over our house!! I think after the first 10 minutes Adam was already done with the idea of him crawling. He is into everything.  It's pretty fun watching him explore and see all of the new things he's discovering.  I think we will be seeing more of this little butt scooting around our floors!!  He loves walking holding our hands and would much prefer it as he never wants to quit when we get tired!

It's a short week in corporate America!!  So thankful for these weekends with family and getting to see old friends.  Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving!!

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