Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend in Review - Let's keep up the trend!

Alright, here I am with weekend #3 in a row where I am making an honest effort at having this post done and ready for the week!  We had a full weekend as usual even though going into it we had no plans.  Friday night we visited Grandpa Dave, went and ran errands and then visited our friends Buffo, Nadine and baby Harper.  Miss Harper Jean just turned one last week and she has THE BEST toys.  George had so much fun playing with them and of course Harper.

This picture on the left just stole my heart.  My Uncle Chuck used to rodeo and ride bull, so to see my sweet boy on this horse with his arm raised up as if he knew what to do just melted my heart!!  And of course why not take a little elephant ride with Harper pushing.. Although George is a bit of a lug so she didn't get very far!

Saturday morning was the Turkey Trot for the Centre's 5K racing Series.  I have only done 1 other winter run this year and it was a training run and much warmer.  At the start of the race it was single digits but by the time we finished I think it hit 12 degrees.  Jen had a PR this race which is so incredible!!  My lungs have a ways to go in this winter weather.  I finished 1 minute behind my race time from last month which I'm completely okay with seeing as I'm just learning how to run in the cold.  It was a great way to start the morning!! 

Tory, Me and Jen

And I have a feeling I will be seeing this little turkey's butt more often.  My sweet boy is almost 10 months and isn't quite crawling yet... but Sunday he was taking more and more strides towards crawling.  He is up on his knees and can make it one or two knees forward before he goes back on his bottom.  He doesn't like an audience (for once) when he's trying to if we ignore him he's more likely to try.  At grandma and grandpa's house he was all about trying on their hardwood floor, so perhaps by next weekends review we will have a little crawler!!

I need to get better at taking photos whenever we are doing things but sometimes I just get caught up visiting I forget!  We spent the afternoon on Saturday with grandma while dad went hunting.  It was a full but enjoyable weekend.  Next weekend the boys are off to the cabin for gun opener, unfortunately George isn't old enough this year to go.. so we will be out and about going to craft shows.  So excited to head down to Austin to check out A Handmade Christmas - Indie Craft market

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