Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend in Review - Up and Running!

So I didn't think anyone really liked reading about our weekends and figured I was just blowing hot air when typing these out... George and I went to visit Greg and Jayme last week and my sweet brother informed me he likes these and looks forward to them on Mondays.. so for you Greg, here's our weekend in review!

Geoge and Uncle Greg

I have been so pumped about dressing George up for Halloween.. I HATED Halloween as a kid and swore I wouldn't torture my child with silly costumes where he was stuffed or painted... Well, I won "funniest costume" in 2nd grade when my mom dressed me up like Aunt Jemima. 

Courtesy of AuntJemima.Com

Let's think about the above photo?  First of all, I HATE syrup!  So I didn't have the first idea as a 7 year old who she was.. and then fact that she's African American and I'm not is SO inappropriate if you ask me.. but hey, this was 1986 so who knew, right?!  Well these are the things I endured as a child, so I want George to look back with fond memories of Halloween... or... Not... Sorry honey.

My sweet little boy was a stinky little skunk this year!  I saw this costume on Pottery Barn and was dying to have it.. But in true KV style, I waited too long thinking it would go on sale... Darn it!  I have a wonderful friend Brenda who helped me sew this one of a kind skunk costume.. or so I thought?!  Who knew this was the year of the skunk.. apparently a certain celebrity also dressed her little one up like a skunk.. oh well George, you were MUCH cuter  :)   Know your mama dressed you up so cute out of love and because you are a little stinker!! 
Saturday I was up early with George while Adam was hunting... after he got home I went for a 5 mile run with a very lovely young lady - Tory. She's running her 2nd half marathon (this year) in December, so I offered to do some training runs with her... what was I thinking?!  But the run went well and we were able to chat and run the entire time.  Perfect way to start the day! 
Saturday night we had Adam's 10 year class reunion... Thankfully all of his group of friends graduated the same year so I was with a great group of girls for the night!  It was so fun and we were all kid-free so enjoyed every single minute of it!!  Although I think Adam paid for it much more than I did.. I've been fighting a cold, so just drank slow all night which made yesterday that much easier... for one of us. 
Claire, Shonda, Emily, Katie and Me
Meanwhile at Grandma and Grandpa's house... George was having a good time with Uncle Alex, Max and of course Grandma and Grandpa! I was terribly nervous with it being daylight savings time and his never ending cold that he would be up all night but THANKFULLY he was only up once and wasn't up until 6:30am with the time change... HUGE for us since this boy is usually up at 5:30am! 
We were also VERY fortunate this past week.. I ran the Spooky Shuffle 5K in Woodville, WI on Thursday night (I should really start taking more pictures of my running events!) and Adam's cousin Sally had offered us a bunch of toys that her boys had outgrown.  Adam went and picked them up and I'm pretty sure the entire bed of his pickup was FULL of toys.. which means our basement is now full of toys. Such a happy boy.  This is one of his favorite...

Its a little garbage truck and says all sorts of silly things.. It's so fun watching him with new toys and all of the little discoveries he has!  We are 9 months now - not crawling or walking yet... I know it's coming sooner than later though.

Have a wonderful week ahead!!  We have a busy week with Dr appointments, hunting, and Garth Brooks next weekend. YAY!!

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