Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend in Review

What a wonderful weekend!  We were so busy as usual.  This past weekend we celebrated both Grandpa Paul and Grandma Judy's birthdays.  We went up to the cabin on Friday night and went out for a nice supper in Stone Lake.  Judy and I headed to the casino for a little gambling fun while the boys stayed back at the cabin.  I was down to my last dollar... and when I say LAST I mean the kind where you have a players club card and cash in your points to have slot credit.. and I found this little old time machine and was able to play myself back up ... we had so much fun that night!!  (This is where it might be helpful if I remembered to take pictures!)

My sweet little boy loves nothing more than to be in his diaper.  Thankfully it was more than warm in the cabin with the fire going so he could enjoy being clothes free for a while.  The boys worked on the trails and putting up the snow fence (just in time!) while we fixed breakfast and went shopping in town.

On Saturday we had tickets to go see Garth Brooks with friends and were so excited!!  This has been a long time dream and bucket list item for me and Adam to see!   George stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so we could get a hotel in the city since we were going to the 10:30 show.

We stopped at Brit's first for a pint...and then made our way over to Glueck's for dinner and a few more pints before the concert.  Thankfully we were at Glueck's early enough to get a space that allowed a group of 8 of us to have dinner and drinks!  

Adam enjoying a large mug, Adam and Josh, Adam and Steph with their big mugs
Adam and I at waiting for the show to start, Emily and I at Glueck's

After our wonderful meal and laughs with friends we headed over to the Target Center to hear the Legendary Garth Brooks.  He was simply amazing!!  We all had great seats.. some had better than others.. ahem... Emily.  But all in all it was simply wonderful! 

George had a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa as well... and slept like a champ!  (Always a good thing when someone else has him!).  On Sunday Judy and I did some shopping and then she and Alex fixed supper for the family.  Great Grandpa George came over and got to play with little George.  He's always so curious about peoples faces. He touches their noses and tries to put his fingers in their mouths.  He also tried for grandpas glasses a few time.  Just love their interactions! We are so truly blessed to have this wonderful man in our lives and even more so to see him every Sunday for dinner!

It was early bed times for all of us last night!  Today we woke up to a fresh snow fall.. I tried to take George out to see what his reaction was to it but it was blowing so hard he just closed his eyes and turned away from it.  Can't wait to put his little snow gear on and take him out to play in it!

This little boy sure does love his local hospital... first he was on the cover and now he's sporting a BAMC sweatband... Here's a fun pic from last week!   Have a wonderful week ahead :)

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