Monday, August 18, 2014

Pepperfest 2014

Pepperfest is one of my MOST favorite weekends of summer.  It's an entire weekend event that takes place the 3rd weekend in August in North Hudson, WI.  I grew up just down the street from Pepperfest Park and I have always loved going.  It started as a fundraiser for the local elementary school 60 years ago and has continued in its Italian Heritage and traditions throughout the years. Some events that take place over the weekend include a parade, coronation, a 5k/10k race, hot pepper and spaghetti eating competition, music, beers, italian food and so many other little side activities. 

Since I was pregnant last year I couldn't run the 5K race, but this year I convinced 3 girlfriends to run it with me :)  I am so proud of all of them and how well they did. This was Emily's first 5k ever and she killed it!!  It's a harder race because it has 3 pretty decent hills in it.  I could definitely have done without those! 

Claire, Me, Shonda and Emily pre-race

However, I'm bugged about the race. I have been training for my 1/2 for a while and know I ran my butt off.  When I crossed the finish line it read 33:30. I was pacing at 10:18. How could a 3.1 mile race take me 33:30?  I looked at my Map My Run ap and it said I ran 3.3 miles.  I know I wasn't that far off from the start line.  So I went back and looked at the certified race map and the 2nd mile turn around was placed almost a 1/2 block farther than the course should have been.  I'm bugged because my official time is off by nearly .2 of a mile, which is about 1-2 minutes depending on when I crossed the starting line.  I know I'm not out setting world records but I just had to put this out there. Maybe this will help me let it go... 

Left map:  Official Race Map showing 2nd mile should have turned around just before Woodcrest Drive. Right Map: My running map where they marked the 2nd mile turnaround at Krattley
Meanwhile back at Grandmas...

George spent the day with Grandma on Saturday since Adam and I were asked to help judge the local parade.  We had such a great time!  My long-time friend Michele's parents were the other set of judges and we really enjoyed spending the day with them! I think the free beer helped. We are definitely signed up to do next years parade!! George absolutely loves this little blanet at Grandma's house.  So cute that she was able to capture him playing on it with his little tongue hanging out.    And yes, that is a Brewer's outfit on him.  It still fits and since Grandpa and Grandma are BIG Brewer fans, I thought we would entertain them and put him in his little outfit.     

Grandma and Grandpa had other plans on Saturday night so we brought George down to Pepperfest Park where we ran into my brother Steve and his little girls Vivienne and Brooklynn. Brooke met George after he was first born, but this was the first time for little Viv. I wanted to get a picture of the cousins together and when Adam stepped close to Steve Viv reached out and gave George a hug. It was such a precious moment! Steve's girls are absolutely gorgeous and Miss Viv has such a calm demeanor (much like her dad!).

 Below:  We bought George this cute little firefighter boots at Carter's this summer. Grandpa Paul and Grandpa Dave were both firefighters so when I saw these I had to get them for him!  Too bad the smallest they make them are size 5!  It will be sweet when he can actually run around and wear these!  And a weekend wouldn't be complete if we didn't have our Sunday dinner with Grandma Judy, Grandpa Paul, Uncle Alex, and Great Grandpa George.  Grandma took out all the blocks for little George to play with! 

As always we had such a great weekend!  Next year we might have to get an overnight babysitter for the little boy so we can stay out a little longer at the Festival :)  Have a wonderful week!

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