Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend in Review

Ahh, it's Monday and back to the grind... My mind is always on the weekend... I'm pretty sure unless you work weekends, you feel the same as I do!! 

This weekend was HOT!  H-O-T hot!!   Adam golfed in a tournament on Sat/Sun so that left me some play time with the boy!  We had a pretty low-key weekend although I managed to snap a few pictures :) 

George went running with me on Sunday morning.. My goodness it was unbearable. I thought at 72 degrees it would be fine, but the humidity was wicked and we were both dying after the 4th mile. He's so patient with me while we are out and about.  Although when we finished all he wanted to do was be held.. Seriously, boy.. your mama is a sweaty mess and you want me to hold you?!  Ahh, the love of a child knows no bounds.

 Little boy got a new toy this weekend!! Our friend Jack has one just like it and he LOVES it. George is still trying to figure it all out.  He hasn't quite figured out how to jump in it just yet, but I'm sure that time is coming!!  He did enjoy all the new little gadgets on the Jumperoo!
...and boy does he love cooking with his mama! We put the Bumbo seat on the counter so that he can sit up and see what's going on when I'm cooking. I had some pot holders that fit over the handles of the pan and put them on his feet. They are silicone so he loved playing with them once he figured out what was actually on his feet. So darn cute!!

So nothing too special going on with our weekend!  Pretty quiet, which is nice since we have been out of town and so busy much of the summer.  We took out George's pool for a nice little dip on Saturday afternoon (you can see it on our partially completed deck in the background!).  Looking forward to more quiet weekends like this one :)

Have a wonderful week!

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