Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend in Review - Tuesday Edition

Since I posted my Stitch Fix Review yesterday, I didn't want to be overwhelming by posting my weekend update right after it!

Friday night we hosted a get together at our house and Uncle Greg and Aunt Jayme came over. They are George's Godparents and spoil this sweet little boy!  They gave George a new onesie (see photo), new shoes, and a new bib that has a little fisherman and "Hudson,WI" on it.  So sweet!  I think the onesie will fit now, just have to wait on the shoes and bib!

We also had Greg's friends (and our new friends) Sam and Ani over as well. Sam's brother had just flown in from England and he also made an appearance. We had such a wonderful night with them. The guys played a ton of ping pong while us girls sipped on wine and had laughs.

On Saturday night a group of us went to Vino in the Valley. It is this gorgeous little vineyard that's set at the base of the bluffs in Maiden Rock, WI.  They serve pizza and pasta and make 3 different wines on site.  There is live music, a bonfire, beanbags and other things going on while you wait for your table.   And on Saturday night we waited... 

Shonda, Emily, Me, Claire and Katie

We had reservations set for 7:30pm that Emily had made weeks in advance.  Our babysitter was onboard until 10pm for us.  Well things started to look a little questionable when at 7:45 we were told to "check back later.."   Eventually they buzzed us at 8pm but at that point we had already decided to head back to Baldwin and simply grab food at the local bowling alley... But first we had to stop quick and say hello to friends who were at a wedding... 

Josh, Emily, Adam, Me, Claire, Mike, Nathan, Katie, Dusty and Shonda.

And that's when our night kind of took a turn... We somehow arrived well before the rest of the group (Adam and I drove separate)... and waited at the place where the wedding was going on.. I was growing completely impatient (weird!) because A. They weren't serving food (even though it's a restaurant) and B. I was STARVING and C. it was now 8:45 pm and See A and B above.  So I convinced Adam to leave and just as we were walking out, the guys were walking in... I was kind of over the night at that point and we agreed to still leave.  

I share this sad part of the story because A. I never did get to eat supper.   And B. Because had we stayed at Vino to eat dinner we would have never made it to pick up George on time!  We literally had 45 minutes that they would have had to take our orders, bring drinks, food, eat and leave.. and as busy as they were, it wouldn't have happened.  Needless to say I was kind of bummed our night went South.. but that just means we'll have to have a do-over!!

On Sunday while Adam was golfing, I was trying to get ready for my 6 mile run. I have NEVER run that far in my life. 5 was my max and that was a the peak of my running 3 years ago. So I was determined to crush it (okay, not really.. I just didn't want to die during my run). While I was eating a banana George kept grabbing for it, so I let him have it and he was all over it! He looks like a little monkey in this picture. So cute!!  

Little Monkey
Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's

We spent Sunday night over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had a wonderful Sunday dinner (as always!) and took pictures for my Stitch Fix Review - thanks Judy!  The boys shot bow and Grandpa gave George a ride on the ATV.  George is sure becoming a pro at riding with Grandpa. I think he thinks its only his to ride because when Uncle Alex hopped on, little boy gave him the stink eye. Pretty funny!!

Have a wonderful week ahead! It's Tuesday.. only 4 days until the weekend :)

A few other pics from Sunday at Grandpa and Grandma's House...

Not amused with riding the deer target
Cozy with Great Grandpa

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