Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals

One of my current goals is to simply write more.  I thought a good way to do this would be to include a monthly post of what we hope to accomplish each month.  Here is our list for December.

Printable from Yellow Bliss Road

December 2014 Goals

1. Get out and decorate our tree/house for Christmas (there have been years this didn't happen)
2. Finish Christmas shopping by December 19th
3. Wrap all Christmas gifts before Christmas Eve 
4. Go snowshoeing or ice skating 
5. Run a 5K - December 20th - Reindeer Dash
6. Take George sledding
7. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
8. Build a snowman with George
9. Take George to see Santa
10. Send Christmas cards to our family& friends
11. Update my Christmas card address list
12. Bake Christmas Cookies (need to enjoy these before January bootcamp!)
13. Visit Starbucks for a Grande Carmel Apple Spice
14. Have a dinner date with Adam
15. Visit friends we don't get to see often (any takers?!)
16. Be more active with blogging by writing at least 2 posts a week
17. Improve my photography skills &
18. Learn how to use Photoshop
19. Clean our pantry by either eating all remaining junk food or throwing out by Jan 1
20. Pass my Estate Planning Applications Exam (6 down, 3 to go for my Hawaii 2015 trip!)

Hoping to get in a lot of fun and family time this month!
What are you up to this month??

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