Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend in Review - Up North With Friends

Once again it's that time for our weekend in review.  Seriously, where does the time go?!  I sincerely wish my work days would fly by nearly as fast as these weekends seem to do.  This past weekend we went up to Adam's Family cabin in Stone Lake, WI for a nice relaxing weekend.

This weekend was wonderful in so many ways! It has been a long time coming. We started talking about going up North with our friends Jonelle and Chad nearly 2 years ago prior to having kids.  And it FINALLY happened! 2 carloads, several toys/clothes/blankets, bottles, dirty diapers, food, beer and a few stops on the way - we made it!

Traveling with children is simply nothing I could possibly prepare myself for.  While he is such a sweet and lovely boy in the car, it takes a bus to bring nearly all of the things you might need for 2 days with these little people!  My goodness!

We didn't actually do much of anything while we were up North.  Saturday was spent eating well and relaxing at the cabin (chasing kids kind of relaxing).  We headed out into Hayward on Saturday night and to our surprise outside of the candy store we ran into Santa!  He was such a sweet man :)  He offered to take pictures with us (even though he was on his Santa break).  Lucky us!  George was in his Bjorn so I hopped in the picture too!

The guys weren't too into shopping so we dropped them off at Angler's bar... Unfortunately since it's Winter many of the stores are closed for the season.. so being parent's of the year, we went to the bar and had a beer with the guys!  George looks miserable in his Bjorn but he actually does enjoy it!

When we came back from "town" I was just getting dinner started and Adam was trying to get the fire started.. so I set George down in his carseat and Miss Katelyn was already out of hers. It was the sweetest thing because she crawled right over to him and was going to try and help him get out of his seat.  Love that little girl :)

This morning before we left, Jonelle captured this photo of them side by side in their carseats.. George with his tongue hanging out and Katelyn less than amused to have her picture taken.  These two were such good kiddos this weekend!

It's amazing how fast these little ones learn!  Two weeks ago George learned to crawl and now this little turkey is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING!!  Adam saw him over by the stairs and by the time he looked back George was up 2 stairs... so we stayed behind him and he made it to the top all by himself with no issue.  Oh my lovely little boy you are growing too fast!!  

I am off to Illinois for the week for work!  It will be a boys only week for Adam and George.. although I'm sure that grandma will get to see a lot of those two :)

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